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Cash Machines 2.0 Review- Is Cash Machines 2.0 Scam or legit Check it out

Cash Machines 2.0 Review- Is Cash Machines 2.0 Scam or legit Check it out

In this review I will share with you my honest review on Cash Machines 2.0

Cash machines 2.0

Cash machines 2.0 has been one of the most popular products in 2013. Perhaps this explains why it sold over $100,000 in sales just within 24 hours of its launch. In this review I will share with you why cash machines 2 gains this popularity.



Of course, the secret behind Cash Machine’s popularity, lies in what it delivers. In my Cash Machine 2.0 review I will help you know how it will help you achieve financial independence in no time.


What is Cash Machine 2.0 is all about
Basically, Cash Machine 2.0 is a software that helps you promote your affiliate links using “ready made websites”. In the members area of cash machines you will find video tutorials for each step. There is also a link to sign up for webinar inside the members area. In the webinar a more advanced training for making money online is provided. This software will help you make money regardless of your experience. However, if you like you can have your own hosting account and domain to promote such sites something I strongly recommend.
The most interesting aspect about cash machines 2 is the software that help you get access to free traffic and then diverting them to affiliate sales. In addition, there is also a tube ranker software which is aimed at getting traffic from video sites by ranking your videos high in video sites. The amount of free traffic that one can generate using cash machines is high. So, you can just follow the step by step instructions as mentioned in the videos. Once you start getting traffic, it will lead to increase in sales.
Watch the Sales video here

What is inside the Cash Machine 2.0 Members Area

The member’s area of this product consists of the following:

1) Welcome Video
2) Webinar Signup
3) Strategy Session
4) Claim Website
5) CM2 Profit Center (5 licences)
6) Traffic Machines
7) Instant CM2 software
8) Tube ranker pro software
9) Bonuses

In addition, there are clear-cut video instructions inside the member’s area to make you understand the training step by step.Like I said, the product comes with “ready to promote” websites, but you can still put up additional content on these sites and then start promoting them in line with directives you get from the training videos .


My Final verdict

Now, going back to the question: Is Cash machine 2.0 is scam or a legit

The answer to this question is yes and no. Yes because cash machines 2.0 is a not a scam but it is a legit, credible and legit product . In fact it is something every affiliate marketer should have to get traffic and increase his conversions in sales. No, because it will not make you overnight as you could think of. Rather, it requires huge amount of hard work from your part.

If you want to buy cash machines 2.0, then make sure that you buy only from the original site so that you may ensure getting the right product.

>> Click Here to Visit Cash Machines 2.0 Offical Website

download cash machines 2.0


Ok so now please leave a comment, let us know what you think, was the post helpful? Did you get something out of it? Do get involved & let us know.

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Jul 09

The Day Job Killer Review- Is Day Job Killer Scam or legit

Is The Day Job Killer Really Worth it Or is it just another SCAM

Day Job Killer image

The Day Job Killer Review- Discover how to quit your job today and make money

The Day Job Killer Is a latest product released by David Marshal (Paul Liburd and Andrew X) re known online Guru, he has made a substantial amount of income online. In this post I’m going to share my honest opinion and review with you.

The product, he claims, is unlike any other product you have seen before. It is a software that will help you earn tsunami income stream every single day regardless of your experience.

For example, in the sale video he has shown he made well over $150, 000 within just six weeks.

You can make money with this product even if you are completely new to affiliate marketing.

Watch the video down here to see the proof

David Marshall launched this product on 5th July 2013 and introduced just another window of wide range of opportunity of making money deep inside your home using Online Job Killer. So if you don’t want to miss out on the great discount that he is offering click the link below now.


What is inside the product

Before I get into the details if you’re interested in seeing how I make a full time income online click here to see my no.1 recommendation!

Basically, Online Job Killer is made up of two parts:

  • Pinterest Software Tool
  • Training

Pinterest Software Tool is software that automatically posts your article with your affiliate links to Pinterest, which is the second largest social media network after facebook. In fact this is the main selling point of this product. You enter your keywords and affiliate link, press a few buttons and it will go ahead and start automatically posting to pinterest. The software will automatically follow people and repin images on your behalf.

In addition, you will get video training that directly shows you exactly what you need to do with the Pinterest software in order to drive traffic through your affiliate links to whatever you are promoting.

Well, another big question,
Does Online Job Killer Have Upsells?

Yes there are 3 upsells:

  1. Done for you campaigns
  2. Advanced Job Killer Suite
  3. Traffic Killer App



There is an element of exaggeration in the sales video I think it is absolutely impossible to make 165K with the software in just 6 weeks. However, you can still make some money using the software but not as they claimed.

Personally I do not use “done for you campaigns” that 100′s of other people will have access to. This creates saturation because people will be sending the same campaigns as you do. Thus your campaigns will not be very effective when 100′s or potentially 1000′s of other people are doing the exact same thing as you.

Is Online Job Killer A Good Product?

Pinterest is a social network which means the people on the website are browsing images and interacting with friends. People go there basically to interact and socialize not to buy anything and if they see a profile that is full of affiliate links and spam they are not going to bother looking at that persons profile or clicking on their links. Further, Pinterest is clamping down on spam through their social network so personally I don’t think this is a very effective way of building a business.

However, Online Job Killer still deserves a good attention since it is backed by ClickSure’s money back guarantee so you can test it out risk free. The choice is yours…
Click the link below to get Access to Online Job and get your financial freedom.

>>>>> Special Link To Discount page
If you really want to fire your boss, if you are fed up with 9-5 Job, if you want to secure good future for your children, if you want to secure financial freedom right here right now. Then down load this software now download-button2


Now back to my question is Day Job Killer a Scam or Legit

My answer is simple. Day Job Killer is not a scam but for it to work it requires huge amount of work.

The great thing about the product is that once you purchased the product you will be covered with 60days money back guarantee. So you have absolutely nothing to loose. Just go a head and

Download it Here






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Jul 09

Google Sniper 2 Review- Does it still work

Google Sniper 2 Review- Does it still work

Well before I answer this question. First let us begin with Members Area Tour

So what is exactly inside Googe Sniper 2. Members Area


Google Sniper 2 Review: Does it Still Work in 2013

Well, the answer to this question is pretty easy, simple and straight forward.

Google Sniper product has been in the market for the past 2 years. But with the Google Panda and penguin update most pages have lost thier page ranks.

Google Sniper 2 came to sustain the momentum and be on track.

The one million dollar question now is does Google Sniper 2 – still work in 2013

Now to have a clear of where we are heading to let’s quickly have a review of what is in the member area.

As you watched in the above video.

Essentially, the Method of the core training has always remained the same. The idea is to use the “Sniper” approach to build niche sites orientated around specific targeted ’buyer’ keywords.More specifically, giving a special attention to “keyword research techniques/strategies’.

The idea is to find a target audience, send the traffic to your site where you convert and pre-sell them, send them to the sales page through your affiliate link and get commission.

However, for it to work you need to put some work.

The hard truth is you need backlink to get your sniper 2 site rank on the Google. This has become necessary due to Penguin and Panda updates which has made ranking on Google increasingly To address this formidable challenge, George has added over 10 hours of new video content covering the basics to the more advanced SEO methods from link building, all the way to social signals (very important now) and everything in-between including building backlinks, no-follow/do-follow links, guest posting and more.

Moreover, there is a particular video inside the members area which I think you should pay VERY close attention too – in my view, this video is the most important aspect of the whole Google Sniper 2 training. If you can implement what you see in the video, is enough to help you rank easily. Just watch the video down below

Google Sniper 2 Review


What’s included in your membership

Your membership contains the following -

  • The Google Sniper Manual – a 104 page .PDF manual containing the entire process in written form
  • The Sniper Training – 7 Modules and videos covering a range of subjects from keyword research, to setting up your site
  • Process maps or Mind maps – Easy to follow processes in bite sized chunks.
  • The Further Training section – EVEN more training (the more advanced section in my opinion) 8 more training videos
  • The Empire Module – Shows you how to outsource the entire process to somebody else!
  • Rolodex – a list of important websites and resources

You get all of the above content for a one time payment of $47! The content you get in my opinion is worth much more than that. It’s the difference between you struggling online, and you possibly being able to quite your job and make a full time income!

Sniper X – This is one of the up-sells you get the chance to purchase. You get an additional 26 more advanced videos, as well as LIVE case study sites! George’s friend takes other members sniper sites, and evaluates them on video showing the good and the bad. There is also more advanced training covering subjects such as list building, “keyword spying”, speeding up the process and much more. I really recommend you give this a try. This will cost you an additional $47 but its worth it in the long run. You also get the chance to attend live webinars with George and his team to ask questions with the up-sell.

Grab your copy of Google Sniper 2 HERE

Have I made any money with Google Sniper? The answer in short is yes. I have 8 sites in 5 different niches. Below is a screenshot of one of my ClickBank accounts. This account shows the earnings from one of my Sniper sites I setup way back when I did my original review in 2011 and it’s still going strong!

Ok so now please leave a comment, let us know what you think, was the post helpful? Did you get something out of it? Do get involved & let us know.

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